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Quincy - Kaduna, Nigeria
In love
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My boys are constantly fighting over the bottle. It’s their favorite bottle to use. Pressure ti wa
Sue - Kitchener, Ontario
No Leaks
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This is the only feeding bottle i have that never leaks and my daughter loves it. It’s squishy like a boob and are great for newborns. It has a good nipple shape and we haven’t experienced colic which i will credit to wones baby bottle. The straw is a bonus feature and it’s my best feature.
Madeline - London, Ontario
Easy to Clean
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I love that Wones baby bottle is so easy to clean because of the wide neck. I sterilize after every use and it has maintained its original look. I 100% recommend it especially if also breastfeeding.
Heather - Mississauga, Ontario
Double Vents
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Absolutely in love with this sippy bottle! I wanted to buy the best i can get for my baby since i am a first time mom. My husband absolutely loves the wones baby bottle. It has double vents and helps my baby take in less gas. It is easy to wash and dries quicker as compared to plastic bottles. Overall, i would buy again.
Connie - Waterloo, Ontario
Easy Transitioning
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To begin with, my son loves wones baby sippy straw bottle! This has got to be the best feeding bottle in the market. This is an amazing product to get your little one to learn how to use sippy cups or even to teach your little one how to drink from straws. I absolutely recommend this to everyone.
Munirah - Kaduna, Nigeria
Favorite Bottle
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Wones Bottle is my daughter’s favorite bottle. We have plenty bottles but none compares.

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